Our Mission

Highland Park Players is a non profit organization, the purpose of which is to enrich, educate and entertain our community by providing area residents the opportunity to attend and participate in a superior theatre experience.

Highland Park Players is a non profit organization, founded in 1988 by Susan Haimes, Lois Israel and Donna Lubow. The Vision of the Board of Directors is to provide an accessible, hands-on theatre for the city of Highland Park. It is our mission to educate and entertain our community by providing area residents the opportunity to attend and to participate in a superior theatre experience as well as offer an outlet for the talents of area residents that would provide the unique pleasures of live theatre for family, friends, and the community as a whole.

Each year, we attract new people for the Board of Directors, our productions, and workshops - people with fresh energy and new ideas that are committed to presenting quality theatre.

In 1999 Highland Park Players launched a Children's Theatre (Theatre for Young Audiences). Thanks to the grants from YEA! Highland Park, the one-act musical educational interactive productions performed by adults for children of all ages allow families an opportunity to attend. The Theatre for Young Audiences has developed Community Service programs over the years with fundraising for Ravinia Nursery School and benefit performances for other community elementary schools. After each performance the cast meets the audience and gives kids a chance to take pictures and receive autographs.

The Highland Park Players, an affiliate of the Park District, meets once a quarter and consists of a Board of Directors that are all volunteers. With the exception of a few paid staff members for each production, all shows are run by Board members. The season usually consists of a Fall Musical, Children's Musical, workshops and when resources allow a summer show. When available all activities are held in Highland Park facilities.

It is a source of pride that over the course of the last decade, Highland Park Players has become one of the most respected community theatres on the North Shore. HPP has learned the art of theatre, had great fun, remembered wonderful stories and in the process fulfilled our mission: providing high quality theatre to our patrons, involving the community.

Our thanks go to all of you who have participated directly in our productions by performing in or working the shows, taking our workshops, making contributions & donations, or being our appreciative audience. We cannot exist without all of you. When all is said and done, HPP is a family and we welcome you!