Board of Directors

The Vision of the Board of Directors is to provide an accessible, hands-on theatre for the city of Highland Park.

The Highland Park Players is governed by a dedicated Board of Directors comprised of local residents and arts advocates who share a common passion for theatre and a commitment to the community. Each year, we attract new people for the Board of Directors, our productions, and workshops - people with fresh energy and new ideas that are committed to presenting quality theatre. Please contact us if you would like to contribute to the Highland Park Players.


President - Bradley A. Rose

Vice President - Ira Rosenthal

Vice President - David Shaw

Secretary - Carol Lee Wax

Treasurer - Sean Blitzstein


Jacob Cohen - PR and Marketing Director

Henry Gessner

Naomi Hershman - Fundraising Co-Chair

Marty Karlin

Lisa Panizo

Peter Rasey

Scott Schwartz

Myrna Shaw

Mike Weaver

Holly Weis - Fundraising Co-Chair